Readers Have Blaring Errors and Mead on the Mind

Feedback on our overall performance plus comments on mead, Alameda as a movie set, and Harbor Bay Club dominate our inbox.


In your November 2015 issue, from page 34-41 your pages read May 2015. Was there a reason for this? Not only is that late for your November 2015 issue, but so is your article on mead.

Discovery is one thing. Not knowing or citing more about it’s prevalence in Oakland is another. Did you know home-brewed mead/honey-wine has been in Oakland Ethiopian restaurants for dozens of years? They may not have singled out a specific business like the Mead Kitchen, but they were made and served in Oakland long before people thought it was cool to make or drink mead in Oakland.

Tej is an Ethiopian mead, fermented with wild yeasts (and bacteria), and with the addition of gesho. Recipes vary from family to family, with some recipes leaning towards braggot with the inclusion of grains.

Aleks Figueroa


Alameda to the Rescue of the Film Industry

This is wonderful news. [“Kathleen Courtney is Behind the Scenes at Alameda Point,” October 2015]. Sometimes big productions have trouble finding set space. It is great to know that Alameda can fill that need. Thank you for posting!

Erika Yanin


It is great to know that Alameda is the place for big production set space. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Piura Basu


Looks Like It Is Well Past Time to Fact-Check Those Old Dining Listings

While I enjoy the magazine, I wonder who does the fact checking and editing? Case in very recent point—December issue, Page 47—Lalimes Chef Steve Jaramillo left there years ago. In fact, approximately six years ago. Page 47—Paisan—the K2 restaurant group dissolved quite some time ago. Two years? Three years? Not exactly sure, but it is long past the “should be edited properly” time. And these were just a few blaring examples in this issue.

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