Sears Building May House Tech Workers

Industry spillover from San Francisco and elsewhere is spreading into Oakland’s Downtown and Uptown neighborhoods.


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These companies have openings.Tech Jobs in Oakland

Looking to get the Bay Bridge out of your life? These Oakland tech firms are hiring:


Company: Rockbot

What it does: Enables customers at bars, gyms, and other businesses (including Gap stores) to control the jukebox with a phone.

Office space: 4,000 square feet above the 12th Street Oakland City Center BART Station, shared with Raiz Labs.

Hiring: Android programmer, sales, customer success manager, marketing intern.


Company: Clef

What it does: Makes it easier to securely log in to online sites and services.

Office space: 2,000 square feet in the building above 12th Street Oakland City Center BART Station.

Hiring: iOs engineer, web engineer, support engineer, designer, marketing lead, technical summer interns.


Company: FATHOM

What it does: Uses 3D printers and other production technologies to create prototypes and finished products.

Office space: 4,450-square-foot production facility and 3,500-square-foot office space on Jefferson Street.

Hiring: account managers, customer support engineer, human resources specialist, IT helpdesk specialist, low-volume production/build project manager, marketing communications specialist, sales manager, silicone mold maker, facilities and operations intern, prototype technician intern, industrial design intern.


Company: Livescribe

What it does: Makes smart pens that digitize handwritten notes.

Office space: 25,000 square feet near the airport.

Hiring: Android application architect, senior Android application developer, senior system administrator.


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