Feedback About the Oakland's Best Of Issue

Knimble is offended, and Sylvia Tellez mistrusts Trump.


Knimble Clarifies

While Knimble is grateful to have been featured in your Best of Oakland 2016 edition [July], we were surprised and disappointed by the photo you chose to accompany the write-up, as well as by some aspects of the article itself.

Knimble Oakland is located in a lovely, early 1900s building, and we take great pride in maintaining a beautifully displayed store. The picture that was chosen for a June printing is of a discounted selection of winter hats and part of a rack of jeans. These are not a good representation of the store overall or of our excellent offerings.

The photo choice, in addition to the fact that the write-up directly states that our store is not for people under 30, sends a very specific message that is not in alignment with our actual customer demographics, store presentation, or stock. Reading the article and seeing the photo, as a 35-year-old woman, I would not be drawn to shop in this store.

Brittany Alicea, Vice President of Operations & Administration, Knimble Clothing and Knick Knack


Frittered Away

Why, then, on Earth, would you refer to this “creation” [“Fusion Fritters,” July] as “NATIVE AMERICAN” fry bread? It could, just as easily, be referred to as a fancy beignet or doughnut.

Loretta Oden, Oklahoma City


About Trump

I don’t mind all the quirky things Donald Trump does [“Getting to Know Trump Supporters,” July], but his history of bankruptcy and giving negative nicknames to those who have different views and even bringing a candidate’s family in for ridicule goes way beyond the pale for me. I do believe politics is in for a big change, similar in a way to how casual Friday has become the norm. But I’ll vote for someone who has positive views of how to do things. I have never been a fear and trembling person and am more than ready to do my part in working against global warming; giving confidence to those Americans who are blamed because they are of color, different faith, or their birthplace has no hope for them; and all those coming here because they want what we have. When someone comes along with quirks like Trump but has basic respect and a positive outlook on humanity and doesn’t change his views so often to fit the views of those he is trying to win over—so you don’t know who he really is—then I will consider such a candidate.

Sylvia Tellez, Oakland

Published online on Sept. 1, 2016 at 7 a.m.

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