About the OUSD Deficit

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About the OUSD Deficit

Governor Brown’s much-lauded “rainy day” budget surplus came at the expense of our children and the people who try to educate them. Oakland will never be able to catch up so long as this style of spending is in place [“Can Oakland Unified Fix Its Finances?” August]. (And frankly, until Prop. 13 is repealed or a workaround put in place.)

Erik Bigglestone​​

A Class for Everyone

Love your lifelong learning theme [“Portrait of Lifelong Learners,” “The Best Party in Town,” “Write Like a Pro,” and “”Where to Learn New Stuff,” August]. Definitely plan to check out The Writing Pad!

Anna Mindess​


Our story “Containing the Slag” [July] incorrectly stated that AECOM is part of the same company as Tetra Tech. Instead, the two companies have a joint venture. “Write Like a Pro” [August] incorrectly said The Writing Salon was founded in Berkeley when it was founded in San Francisco. An item in “Where to Learn New Stuff” [August] on Ride Oakland [“Spin to a Beat”] incorrectly reported the cycle studio has a beginner’s class but it does not. Pat Mazzera photographed the bees at BioFuel Oasis, and Lance Yamamoto photographed sword fighting at Relic Movement.

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