Wrong on Richmond, Bookstores, and Spelling

There’s some fan mail, too.



I was shocked and disappointed to see a deprecating adjective in front of the crime report (“surprisingly low”) for the Richmond house featured in your January issue [“How Much House Can You Afford?]. Bad reporting, and waaaay off the mark too. Those not living under rocks will know that our Chief Magnus (yes, the one of “Black Lives Matter” sign fame) and his brilliant community policing policies have made Richmond’s low crime rate quite unsurprising.

As a proud Richmond resident, I’d love to see a correction and apology to the Richmond community in your next issue.

-Cynthia Burke, Richmond

Uninspired Proofreading

Typo on “INSPIRED.” Someone forgot the “P”... on the January 2015 cover? Hopefully, I’m not the first person to bring this to your attention (because the mag has been out for a while now). Better luck next time.

-Bob Lynch, Oakland

Oakland Magazine has a typo ... on the cover!?!? What’s an insiring workout?

-From James Hilton Harrell @ J_Hilton3

Nice coverage on local studios BUT typo on your cover? Really? Inbox me for contract proof reading.

-From Bibi Jackson @ BibiBellevie

Block Party Fan Mail

Nice write-up on El Cerrito from Oakland Magazine.

-From Parisa Samini @Parisa Samini

Friday Nights @ OMCA

This is what cultural diversity and community engagement is all about. Yeah, OMCA. Congratulations, Oakland!

-Anonymous web comment

About Those Bookstores

The reason blogs make lists is so someone can comment, “hey, you forgot ...!” Well, you forgot Bergeron’s on 15th Street in Downtown Oakland. It’s the hip, new outpost for “speculative fiction.” Check out their groovy bookmarks featuring authors like Anne Rice, George R.R. Martin, and Kafka.

-Anonymous web comment

Your article on the best East Bay bookstores [“A Booklover’s Guide to East Bay Bookstores,” November] was informative. However, you overlooked a bookstore gem. Founded over 50 years ago by legendary activists Julian and Raye Richardson, Marcus Books is the country’s oldest Black bookstore. People of all races patronize Marcus Books for its extensive inventory of books (including an extensive children’s section), periodicals, greeting cards, posters, and other items covering the Black experience from Africa to throughout the world.

The Richardsons’ descendants who continue to run the store are friendly, welcoming, and go out of their way to answer questions and provide recommendations. The San Francisco (now closed) and Oakland stores have hosted a number of book clubs, and vibrant speakers and authors, both fledging local and nationally famous, including Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Cornel West, Oprah Winfrey, Ismael Reed, David Bowie, Alice Walker, George Moscone, Angela Davis, Maya Angelou, Sidney Poitier, Toni Morrison, and Mohammad Ali to name a few.

With its storied history, exceptional bookstore credentials, and diverse clientele, Marcus Books deserved to be included. Thank you.

-Dianne Millner, Oakland


Oakland Magazine regrets flubbing the byline of Jasmine France multiple times. The Oakland-based contributing writer has been doing summaries of interesting and useful apps in our ongoing feature “There’s an App for That.” In “How Much House Can You Afford?” in January, we got the square footage wrong on 332 Anderson Road in Alameda; the correct figure is 2,250 square feet, not the 4,387 square feet as reported, which is the size of the lot the house occupies.

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