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Charitable Giving Guide 2.0

It’s true: The giving is as fulfilling as the receiving. This list contains many Bay Area nonprofits and information about their annual fundraising events.

Write Like a Pro

Best-sellers, mysteries, memoirs, and more may only be a class or workshop away.

Where to Learn New Stuff

It’s never too late to expand your mental horizons.

Where to Get Your Learning On

The world of lifelong learning is a huge one.

The Best Party in Town

If you can’t study African dance and drumming in Africa itself, then Oakland’s Malonga Center is the next best thing.

Trendy In-Home Tech Devices Control Everything for You

From temperature and TVs to garage doors and tunes, there’s a gadget for that.

East Bay Parklets Are Good for Hanging Out

Our guide to East Bay parklets highlights cleverly designed oases from Albany and Berkeley to Oakland and San Leandro.

Get Creative in Your Backyard

Six clever samples of restful and energizing at-home retreats just beyond East Bay backdoors range from a rustic teahouse and serene yoga studio to a prefab writing shed and an open-air room with a cozy sunset view.

Major Flips

In the East Bay, house flipping is not for amateurs.

Our USS Potomac Cruise

You, too, can charter FDR’s Floating White House.

A Mysterious Natural Wonder

Bioluminescence dazzles nighttime paddlers on Tomales Bay.

Great White Shark Encounters

A close-up view of one of nature’s most deadly predators.
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