About Us

Oakland Magazine is essential reading for keeping up with one of America’s most engaging and underappreciated cities. Oakland is a city on the move, and so too is the magazine that proudly bears its name. From comprehensive coverage of the trend-setting local food scene to thorough reporting about local retail and real estate, the magazine chronicles the forces reshaping our city. And our newly reinvigorated culture and news coverage documents the latest trends in arts, development, and politics. Oakland Magazine is an indispensable resource to the exceptional beauty, diversity, and quality of life of Oakland and the greater East Bay.

In Every Issue


Our newly reconceptualized upfront section, Reporter, is dedicated to covering the current news, politics, and trends that ought to be on your radar.


Connoisseur, our lifestyle section, features coverage of interior design and real estate, travel, shopping and style.

Food & Drink

Epicure, our food and drink coverage, includes critical dining reviews on destination dining locations, a smattering of pieces on cocktail culture, hidden culinary gems, and trendy foodstuffs; and the East Bay’s thorough and up-to-date dining guide.

Arts & Culture

Curator integrates rotating articles on arts and culture, from music to film, books to visual art, plus much more. This is capped off by the society and events coverage of our ever-popular Snapshots and a re-energized, expanded calendar of events with more listings and venues represented.


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