Hella Local

Oaklandish Spreads the Love Here and Elsewhere


     The Oaklandish tree has new digs. With its roots as deep as its branches are long, the ubiquitous symbol is getting screen printed at the apparel brand’s first retail store in downtown Oakland.
     For more than a decade, Oaklandish has been spreading “local love” with civic pride-oriented merchandise. Keeping with the theme, Oaklandish has been giving out grants since 2007 to innovative, community-based organizations. And as of the store’s opening in July, Oaklandish’s efforts are centralized on Broadway — the trendy storefront doubles as a community center, with oddball events going on that represent Oakland, and a warehouse and plant out back.
      Musicians stop by and play in the afternoon, tourists come in for souvenirs and even kids from the Museum of Children’s Art trek over for inspiration. But folks won’t just find Oaklandish T-shirts at the shop — crafts from local artists are for sale too, as is merchandise from Oaklandish’s recent offshoot, there, there.
     there, there launched in early 2011 to bring local love to “second cities” like Oakland — smaller cities with a lot of pride, culture and that are undergoing revitalization, says Kate Worteck, managing editor of there, there. Following a similar model to Oaklandish, local artists design the shirts and 10 percent of proceeds go to local nonprofits. More than 30 cities have shirts so far, but Worteck foresees many more in the future. A shirt for Alameda is in print, some Berkeley designs are floating around. and San Jose might fit the there, there criteria in a couple years.
     Worteck ensures that there, there isn’t making Oaklandish any less Oakland-centric, and that both brands will continue to spotlight indie artists and community causes.
     “We are a locally-focused endeavor and we intend to stay that way. You’ll never see there, there in Target. You’ll never see us sponsored by Pepsi.”

Oaklandish and there, there are at 1444 Broadway and online at www.oaklandish.com and www.therethere.com.