Ace Makerspace in Top 5 Reader’s Choice Best Makerspace Venues in Oakland and the East Bay 2023

Ace Makerspace in Top 5 Reader’s Choice Best Makerspace Venues in Oakland and the East Bay 2023

Ace Makerspace in Top 5 Reader’s Choice Best Makerspaces in Oakland and the East Bay 2023

In 2023, the vibrant heart of Oakland’s maker community, Ace Makerspace, was crowned with a prestigious title – Reader’s Choice Top 5 Makerspace in Oakland and the East Bay. A title that reflects the unwavering commitment and unparalleled efforts of the Ace Makerspace community in fostering innovation, creativity, and education.What makes Ace Makerspace stand out from the crowd is its inclusive mantra, “At Ace Makerspace, making is for everyone!” This Oakland-based non-profit unites individuals from varied backgrounds and expertise levels, creating a diverse, thriving ecosystem of learners, educators, and creators. Their mission is clear and inspiring: to bring together individuals of diverse skill levels to produce, learn, and address life’s challenges using a wide range of tools and technology. And they do this all while integrating project-based education into their platform, ensuring a seamless blend of theory and practice.But Ace Makerspace is more than just a space for making things. It’s a community where inclusivity is at the forefront. Recognizing the gaps and barriers that have historically sidelined certain groups from technical and fabrication areas, Ace Makerspace takes a proactive stance. Their equitable approach ensures that resources are tailored to support an expansive spectrum of making and learning activities, reaching out to and including those who have been traditionally excluded.

For those who are new to the world of making and may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to begin, Ace Makerspace is an inviting gateway. A significant number of their classes are beginner-friendly, meaning anyone, regardless of experience, can dive right in. Open to the public, these classes are meticulously designed to ensure participants not only gain valuable knowledge but also experience the sheer joy of creating.

For individuals who wish to delve deeper and become a part of the vibrant Ace Makerspace community, there’s good news. Free tours are conducted every Wednesday and Saturday, offering a sneak peek into the exciting world of making that lies within. These tours provide an excellent opportunity for newcomers to acquaint themselves with the community, tools, programs, and classes that Ace Makerspace has in store.

Being a Top 5 Reader’s Choice Best Makerspace award recipient is not just an accolade but a testament to the incredible work Ace Makerspace does. Their emphasis on inclusivity, education, and community-building sets them apart, making them not only a haven for makers but also a beacon of hope for those looking to find their niche in the world of technology and creation.

There’s no better time than now to discover or rekindle one’s passion for making. With communities like Ace Makerspace leading the way, the future of making in Oakland and the East Bay looks brighter than ever. Those interested in joining, learning, or merely exploring can find out more about this thriving community and its offerings at

Ace Makerspace
6050 Lowell Street, Suite #214, Oakland

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