Amato Architecture Clinches 2023 “Best Residential Architects” Award in Oakland Magazine

Amato Architecture Clinches 2023 “Best Residential Architects” Award in Oakland Magazine

Amato Architecture Clinches 2023 “Best Residential Architects” Award in Oakland Magazine

In the vibrant landscape of architecture, where innovation meets artistry, there are certain names that always rise to the top. This year, Amato Architecture has been lauded for its exceptional contribution to residential design by bagging the prestigious title of “Best Residential Architects” in the 2023 Best of Oakland Magazine.

Located in Emeryville, with its footprint spanning the entire Bay Area, Amato Architecture stands out not just for its designs but also for its philosophy. The firm believes that the most beautiful spaces are the ones that are functional, usable, and accessible every day. This ideal resonates with many, as more people are looking for homes and spaces that reflect their daily lives, aspirations, and the evolving nature of modern living.

The seven-person firm has a rich legacy and a portfolio that encompasses an impressive range of projects. From custom home remodels, additions, and new constructions to the aesthetics of magnificent restaurants, banks, breweries, and other commercial spaces – their expertise is evident. One of the hallmarks of Amato Architecture’s design approach is the emphasis on clean, beautiful, and functional design. The firm’s creations are a testament to a style that marries the contemporary with the timeless.

One cannot help but appreciate the dexterity with which Amato Architecture crafts each design, ensuring a seamless integration between old and new. This integration is not merely about structures and buildings but also about embedding the designs into the natural surroundings. By ensuring harmony between man-made structures and the environment, the firm underscores the importance of a holistic architectural approach.

What sets Amato Architecture apart from many in the field is their commitment to environmental sustainability. Since 2001, the firm has championed green design, proving that beauty, functionality, and eco-friendliness are not mutually exclusive but can, and should, coexist. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, Amato Architecture’s approach is both refreshing and vital. Their designs are not just about today but also about ensuring that future generations inherit a world where architecture complements and supports the environment, rather than competes with it.

In a statement, the firm expressed their love for beautiful spaces, emphasizing their belief in the significance of everyday usability. As they succinctly put it, “We love beautiful spaces. And we think the most beautiful spaces are the ones you can use every day.” This philosophy is clear in their work. Whether it’s a home or a commercial establishment, the designs beckon people to not just admire but to immerse themselves fully, making each space a part of their daily narrative.

The recognition by Oakland Magazine is not just a testament to Amato Architecture’s outstanding design capabilities but also to their commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability, harmony, and functional beauty. As residential design is such an intimate part of an individual’s life, being recognized as the best in this category is no small feat. It speaks to the trust and confidence that clients have in the firm and the respect they command in the architectural community.

As we celebrate Amato Architecture’s remarkable achievement, it is also an opportune moment to reflect on what architecture truly means in our lives. It is not just about erecting structures but about crafting stories, shaping experiences, and creating spaces where life unfolds in its myriad hues. Amato Architecture, with its blend of innovation, beauty, and sustainability, is leading the way in redefining architectural paradigms, one project at a time.

To the team at Amato Architecture, we extend hearty congratulations on this well-deserved accolade. The Bay Area is enriched by your contributions, and we eagerly anticipate the stories you will craft through your designs in the years to come.

Winner Reader’s Choice Best Residential Architects in Oakland and the East Bay in 2023

Amato Architecture
1396 Park Avenue, Emeryville
(510) 420-0210

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