Harbor Seal or Elephant Seal?

Harbor Seal or Elephant Seal?

Harbor seals have spots.

Wildlife Lesson

How to spot a harbor seal [“Go-To Wildlife Watching,” June]: They have spots. The animal you pictured is not a harbor seal but a northern elephant seal (a now common species on our California coast).

Great story about the East Bay’s wildlife. As a kid I got intrigued by the natural world at Lake Merritt and have now worked for the past 35 years as a naturalist, traveling to all seven continents watching animals. Thanks for highlighting our watchable wildlife and increasing the ecological literacy of your readers. Our native species need informed citizens to protect and advocate for nature.—Greg Meyer

Wild About Constance

She is a trooper [“Wild About Oakland,” June]. Glad Constance Taylor got the recognition she deserves.

—Annalee Allen

‘Albino’ Raccoons

Happy news for all [“Unmasking the Legend of Lake Merritt’s Extinct Albino Raccoons,” July]! One comes to my house every night and has been visiting since he/she was a little baby with his/her “normal “ mom and sibling. Gorgeous and huge now!


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