Here’s the Point: Our Care Focuses Not Only on the Body But Also on Our Residents’ Social and Emotional Well-being

Here’s the Point: Our Care Focuses Not Only on the Body But Also on Our Residents’ Social and Emotional Well-being

The Point at Rockridge, an independent, assisted-living and memory-care community in the Rockridge area of Oakland, is consistently winning community approval and hard-sought reader’s choice awards. Testimonials tout quality of care, compassionate attitude of staff and the community of residents who are “engaged, kind, bright.”

The successful model rests on the leadership of Executive Director Deborah Savoie and the integration of her dynamic team; Resident Care Director-LVN Jetrey Inarda; Generations Memory Care Director Mary Ann Ranoa; Vibrant Life Director Joseph Karpanty; Building Services Director Rod Patindol; and Dining Services Director Fabio Dias.

At The Point, resident care is focused not only on the physical body but also on a person’s social and emotional well-being. Each resident’s needs are considered, to ensure they are aware of all their choices through all aspects of resident life. From a robust calendar of programs designed to follow seven core components:  be inspired, be well, be challenged, be family, be social, be connected. To the Elevate Dining Program which garners its own internal reviews by residents for deliciousness, variety and depth of choices. And where it all happens in a comfortable, sophisticated, clean environment.



How do I make sure my loved one is being engaged and not in isolation?

“Every day I knock on doors to invite and encourage residents to come to activities that they have said they wish to attend,” Vibrant Life Director Joseph Karpanty says. “ Everyone likes to know they will be missed if they forget to attend an activity and a special invite goes a long way in motivating our residents. It truly helps the residents to feel cared for, when we encourage but don’t require.”


Some assisted living communities have reputations for poor quality dining options. Why are meals so important?

Culinary Services Director Fabio Dias, who hails from Brazil, understands that good food is one of the most important parts of an enjoyable life. Part of that is his “All Day Dining” where you can come to the dining room 7 am to 7 pm and have a meal or a piece of pie, just like home. All part of the non-institutional quality of the community. “Very few assisted living communities have our choices and allow residents to eat whenever they choose.”


Why is it important to give residents independence as long as possible? How is that achieved with residents in Memory Care?

Allowing residents to keep their independence as long as possible allows people to “maintain their dignity and provides them with their right to make their own decisions” says Generations Memory Care Director Mary Ann Ranoa. Ranoa has been a team member for almost a decade at The Point and her constancy and commitment has built a Memory Care Program, where there is flow between Assisted Living residents and the Generations Memory Care residents. “It really is one community on many levels,” for example, family members frequently bring their loved one to the independent/assisted living main dining room, for a meal or visit.


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