Preparing for El Nino

Are you ready for the rain? With the 4-year-long drought, your umbrellas and galoshes may be a bit dusty. If the predictions are right, we’re in for a LOT of rain. Here’s a few simple ways to prepare:

•  Adopt a drain; storm drain flooding can easily be avoided if we clear out drains ahead of time. It’s easy to sign up online at

•  Clean the gutters on your roof and make sure your downspouts are clear.

•  Prune trees, especially ones that weakened during the drought.

•  Have a vehicle inspection – including your windshield wipers and your tires.

•  Purchase Flood Insurance: there’s a 30-day waiting period for coverage, so you need to do this before it starts raining.

When the storm comes, the roads will be extra slick so please slow down and give yourself plenty of time and be safe out there.

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