The Pack Fruitvale: Voted One of the 2023 Top 5 Pet Boarding Facilities in Oakland and the East Bay

The Pack Fruitvale: Voted One of the 2023 Top 5 Pet Boarding Facilities in Oakland and the East Bay




The Pack Fruitvale: Voted One of the Top 5 Pet Boarding Facilities in Oakland and the East Bay

In 2023, the pet lovers of Oakland and the East Bay cast their votes in the Reader’s Choice for the best places to board pets, catapulting The Pack Fruitvale into the spotlight as one of the top five choices. With a heartwarming mission and exceptional services, it’s easy to see why.

About The Pack Fruitvale

“The Pack Fruitvale is a small-batch dog boarding and daycare facility. We provide affordable boarding & daycare for dogs from loving homes to support finding homes for those that are not.”

The foundation of The Pack Fruitvale is rooted in love and care for man’s best friend, ensuring that each dog, whether from a stable home or seeking one, experiences affection, comfort, and joy under their watchful eye. It’s not merely a boarding facility but a haven where dogs from varied backgrounds find a temporary home.

Building Community through Compassionate Care

Positioning itself as more than a mere boarding facility, The Pack Fruitvale intertwines its mission with community service, aiding dogs in need while also providing top-tier services to pet parents. The dual-purpose mission does not only reflect the inherent compassion of the facility but also ensures that every paid service aids in making a difference in another dog’s life.

Services Tailored for Every Dog

Understanding the unique needs of every furry guest, The Pack Fruitvale curates its services to cater to diverse requirements. From dedicated play areas that cater to varied sizes and temperaments to comfortable boarding spaces, every pet is promised a safe, fun, and nurturing environment. Their staff, trained and passionate about canine care, work tirelessly to create a home-like atmosphere, ensuring pets and parents are at ease during their stay.

Recognition Well Deserved

The recent acknowledgment as one of the top five boarding facilities in the Reader’s Choice poll is a testament to the love, dedication, and unwavering quality that The Pack Fruitvale showers upon its canine guests. It’s a commendation not just of their excellent service but also of the noble mission that intertwines with their operations. By choosing The Pack Fruitvale, clients are not merely selecting a boarding facility; they’re contributing to a larger, heartfelt mission.

Where Every Dog is Family

The Pack Fruitvale stands as a beacon of compassionate care, quality service, and community support in Oakland and the East Bay. By seamlessly blending quality service with a heartfelt mission, they have crafted a haven where every dog, irrespective of their background, is welcomed, loved, and cherished as family.

Thank you for supporting The Pack Fruitvale and being a part of a mission that brings love and care to every dog in the community.

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