The Renaissance International School’s Students Go Beyond the Expected

Founded in 1992, The Renaissance International School (TRIS) is a Montessori School with campuses in Oakland and Piedmont for students age two years old through middle school

An International Community

Our faculty and student body are a diverse, international community consisting of numerous countries, ethnic groups, and religions.

We teach students to be independent thinkers who conduct their own research, and are proficient in written and spoken communication.  Our students learn to think, not simply to memorize, feedback, and forget. We know there are many ways that each student learns best, and we are flexible and creative in addressing students’ individual learning styles.

Music, Art, Tri-Lingual Immersion

In addition to the full substance of a traditional curriculum, our program includes exceptional visual arts and music programs as well as outdoor education and international travel. In our language immersion program students become fluent in reading, writing, and speaking English, French, and Spanish under the guidance of native speakers.

Global Citizens

We aspire to produce the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and lifelong learners by providing an environment where children become responsible, capable, creative, confident, and compassionate.

Successful Graduates

Graduates attend The College Preparatory School, Bishop O’Dowd, Bentley School, Lick-Wilmerding, Oakland Tech, Head Royce, and other excellent Bay Area schools.

Contact us to schedule a tour:
[email protected], or visit our website to register.

Oakland Campus: 3650 Dimond Ave., 510-531-8566
Piedmont Campus: 5201 Park Blvd., 510-328-1127

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